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Saturday, June 30, 2007


As the rhododendrons bloom around us, we celebrate the blossoming relationship of E and J, surrounded by the rich fragrance of anticipation. Like buds on a tree, each moment together unfolds fresh possibility, nurtured by ever-deepening roots and nature’s sweet embrace.

Two trees growing together, entwined, sharing the same soil, the same sky, the same rain. The moonlight will shine on them tonight and the shadow will be one, complete in their sweet embrace. Watch that shadow dance with the fire, attached to the pair, yet moving entirely of its own accord: this is the freedom J and E intend for one another.

Everything in the forest gives unconditionally. Its trees and animals give their lives to it, and the forest flourishes. J and E also intend to turn compost into fertile soil, flourishing in a similar state of gratitude.



J (to E and girls)
I followed the simple directions to you
And now I would like to follow the simple directions with you
I want to share all of what I have
With all of what you have.
Commingle into one with you
For the whole to be greater than its parts
I want for this to be great, and even greater
For every moment together to be new
To see the sunshine in your eyes
Radiating through our space
I want this for me, I want this for you, I want this for all of us
I love you

I want to express my complete gratitude
I thank you for being the beautiful and righteous man that you are
Your sincerity, your integrity
Your willingness to work and nurture and be responsible
Are music to my heart
I love the way you love us
You’re so fun to be one with
Swim the current with and dance life with
I love you

Grace (E & J)
Forgiveness (E & J)
Devotion (E & J)
Integrity (J)
Sincerity (E)
Compassion (J)
Kindness (E)
Dissolution (J)
Illumination (E)
Completion (J)
Wholeness (E)
Yin (J)
Yang (E)
Gratitude (J)
Divinity (E)
Respect (J)
Nurture (E)
Defenselessness (J)
Strength (E)
Abundance (J)
Generosity (E)
Friendship (E & J)
Freedom (E & J)
Happiness (E & J)
Peace (E & J)
LOVE (E & J)

I intend to love you through the cycles
To be aware that your gray hair is moonlight shining through you
Your wrinkles just places to catch pools of light.
I intend to grow gracefully with you and enjoy you deeply
Season after season after season.






Blogger Anand Sahaja said...

What a wonderful ceremony and wht simple yet powerful vows.
Sending you all love and blessings from your physically distant yet spiritually close chum in rain-swept Mexico.
I hope photos of the event are forthcoming !

11:29 am, July 03, 2007

Blogger Jade said...

Thats gorgeous.

5:31 pm, August 20, 2007

Blogger Jade said...

And those photos would look beautiful on here!

7:59 pm, August 25, 2007

Blogger Mr. Burns said...

So cool to see you've added photos!

9:32 am, August 30, 2007

Blogger Anand Sahaja said...

Fabulous to see the faces that accompanied you both...thanx for putting these photos up for us all.Enjoyed having a look.

5:27 pm, August 31, 2007

Anonymous franki said...

Wow! How beautiful and touching!

9:29 am, September 14, 2007


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