Keep it simple, silly

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Play day

Spring aromas wash around me with the wind. Blossoms blow by, and a tractor works on high. The cats by my feet wait and play, play and wait, wait, play, and a fly buzzes bright by my ear. The shadow before me reflects the warmth behind me. Green grass shining, greening.

Today I make my affirmations, today I give myself to freedom: until I can say 'I'm perfect', my answer is, 'I'm getting better'; kindness is a kindness I owe to myself; I am here to help.

If this is a dream, I must be dreaming. I like circles.

Butterfly bites off as much as it can chew and flaps off to another bud. Kitty cat smile smells of cherry blossom. Yonder hill awakens in a red flourish, and the bonfire beside me asks for a light. Sorry, don't smoke. Bouncing ball in the distance, distance, distance.

It's a nice day for a walk.